Durable gear handmade in Vancouver, BC

Field & Forest began as a simple photo blog celebrating our love of adventure and the outdoors. Always keen to build things with our hands we started making bags for some of our own trips and, after testing in the wilds around BC and some refinements, started making bags for you, too.

Adventures come in all shapes and sizes, and good gear can help trips feel more natural and immersive. We believe that getting out and exploring wild places inspires a deeper connection to the world. We hope our photos and stories and bags can inspire you, too.


Megan kindled a love of travel and the outdoors at an early age, doing regular family trips both around the world and into Vancouver's local mountains and wilderness. Her passion for photography developed a bit later, but has come to burn just as bright.


Born in a log cabin deep in the snowdrifts of rural British Columbia, Emanuel grew up with the wild woods and mountains as a playground. After moving to the coast to earn degrees in anthropology and design, he returned to photography as a primary influence.